2019 London Region so far!

The London Region race series is well under way (almost coming to an end) and the results this year for us are the best so far in our short history.

We have had five different young athletes winning a race in their age/gender catorgory in every race bar one, The Bridge Triathlon, an amazing achievement for the children and the Comet Club. 

Here's the list so far: 

Medway Marcus Solomon male, T1 1st

Crystal Palace Freddie Lett,  male T2 1st   Lucy Hoseason female youth 1st 

Hillingdon Duathlon Marcus Solomon,male T1  1st

Kingfisher Aquathon Zak Weaver male tristart 1st  Freddie Lett, male T2 1st 

Thames Tuebo Aquathon   Freddie Lett, male T2 1st     Spencer Bateman, male youth 1st 

Greenwich Aquathon  Spencer Bateman, male youth 1st 

Kingfisher Aquathon Lucy Hoseason female youth 1st 

London Fields Aquathon Freddie Lett, male T2 1st 

Alongside these performances there has been several "placings" in 2nd's & 3rd's so hopefully it's going to be an outstanding season for all at the club!