Advisable Winter Cycle Gear

Like today, as the Weather takes a turn for the worse you should make sure your child is well equipped for cold weather cycling (and running). If there going to ride with us here's a suggestion as to the kit they should wear. Being cold and wet on the bike for an hour is no fun!
A waterproof jacket: The club Winter performance jackets are expensive but do a brilliant job of keeping the cold and rain out, just ask the coaches! Cycle shorts with padding. Keep the muscles & thighs warm and stops bottom ache.   

Tights: Worn under the cycle shorts makes more comfortable riding. Bare legs in the winter is a no,no!
Cycling gloves. Very important for keeping the hands warm and being able to feel your brakes to stop safely! 

Cycle helmet liner: These are worn under the helmet to keep the wind chill out. You only need a thin one to make a difference. 

Over shoes:  Can usually only be worn with cycling shoes and don't fit in toeclips with trainers.