Aquathon Transition Training On 30th June & 7th July

With the Dorney Tri this weekend and Optima Aquathon looming up on the evening of Saturday 13th July I've asked the coaches to put on a brief transition training programme at the start of the session tonight, Tuesday 30th June at Hampton. The swim session will contiuue after the practice.Please note and make sure they have these items with them as if they forget they'll have to sit out. Updated 30th June at 2 p.m.

Extra equipment/kit they'll need:

  • Hat & goggles 
  • Trisuit if they have one. Tee shirt to cover up for the boys (not allowed to run bare chested).
  • A small (preferably old) towel to stand on
  • Race belt if they have one
  • Lace locks for their trainers if they have them 
  • A spare large towel is also advisable
  • A small amount of talc to apply in trainers to help slip on more easilyQuite a few of the Comets are doing this race and it's invaluable to do this transition training as the children can iron out a couple of the things that can easily go wrong costing them valuable time