Bushy Park 5k Anyone? plus Bits & Bobs

Bushy Park 5k Anyone? plus Bits & Bobs.

Bits & pieces
Just a few bits and pieces for Comets. 
Lost property. I've started collecting already. One yellow hat from wednesday to collect.
Registration cards. If you've paid but haven't picked yours up they're always in the red "subs" tin, you may need to remind me (or Ian).
Group selection. Next week as the numbers are up enough, we're introducing the the "find your group cone". That is, after the warm up you go to the cone with the appropriate group number on and buddy up with athletes of the same speed and run together. It's not complicated and works for the coaches.
Subs. Don't forget as the numbers grow please pay your subs promptly to whoever is treasurer for the night.
Registration. The club rule is: two sessions taster then you should register. No exceptions. 
Turbo. Definitely next week. Bring your bikes and your turbo trainers if you have purchased one.

Guys , I just had a look on Bushy Parkrun website and I see there's only one registered Comet runner, ME! With sixty one runs to my name, thus taking us off the bottom of the pile. Go get registered and let's see if we can get up the board with just a few more names to our credit, may see you Saturday if you fancy trying to be in front of me!                                                                                     posted 16.05 6-3-2014