Club Constitution & Charter

Comet Triathlon Club Constitution & Charter

 Name.  The name shall be known as Comet Triathlon Club and members can be affiliated to the British Triathlon Federation. The home federation is: Triathlon England.     
The club & members accepts the written rules laid down by the principal of
 Comet Triathlon Club either written or reinforced verbally.
and agree to be bound by the club constitution rules, and By-Laws of  the British Triathlon
 Aims and Objectives
 The aims and objectives of the club will be:

  • To increase coaching and competitive opportunities in Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathon in the Borough of Elmbridge .
  • To support activities that provides participation opportunities for ages from ten and upwards and all abilities.
  • To promote the club and the sport.
  • To ensure a duty of care to all members.
  • To encourage communication and co-operation between club and individuals and to communicate information to it's members, 
  • To provide all its training, events and facilities in a way that is fair and safe to everyone.
  • To ensure that all present and future registered members of the club receive fair and equal treatment
  • Promote and develop the sport of Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathon in the local community.


Registration/ Membership of Comet Triathlon club shall be open to all. members and non-members
of British Triathlon / Triathlon England  irrespective of their geographic location.
Any future appointed committee members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and by 
joining the committee will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of conduct that the Chairman has adopted.
Control of the club shall be vested in it's Principal Officer, the Chairman & club founder who 
shall  administer the day to day affairs of the club.

Principal Officer role
The officers of the committee are: Head Coach Michael Holden.Treasurer (T.B.A.)  Secretary Anita Holden, Welfare officer Sophie Frame. 
There are no other officers elected until  such time the club known as: Comet Triathlon Club grows to need that requirement
Should the growth of the club deem it necessary officers will be elected by the principal with agreement at the Annual General Meeting
The club members, committee & any coaches will be bound by the constitution rules of the club 
and Rules and Bylaws of Triathlon England.
The club principal will be responsible for adopting new policy, codes of conduct and rules that  effect the organisation of the club.
The club principal will have powers to appoint members to the club committee as necessary t ofulfil its requirments.
Any persons appointed to a working committee shall have voting rights.
Only those present at the relevant committee meeting may cast a vote, Voting will be by show

of hands. In the case of a split vote, the Chair (principal) of the committee shall have a 51%
casting vote.

All members shall:
*   Abide by the Club Constitution and the code of conduct and rules laid down by the sports governing body, the British Triathlon Federation (BTF);

  • Encourage and commend fellow members in their training, competition and participation;
  • Uphold the good name and reputation of Comet Triathlon Club, both inside and outside of Club activities, and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner;
  • Only train within their abilities and levels of fitness, taking care & warm-up adequately prior to participation and cool-down when finished;
  • Ensure good time management, so as not to delay the start times of sessions they attend.
  • Report any medical conditions, injuries or incidents whether at training or during events to the Club principal Officer;
  • Report any grievances or complaints to the principal.
  • Be encouraged to join the BTF and receive the personal insurance cover which BTF 
  •  membership includes.

All club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of Comet Triathlon Club.
Any appointed treasurer and the chairman will be jointly responsible for the finances of the club.
The financial year of the club shall run from 1st January until 31st December.
A statement of annual accounts will be presented to the membership by the Treasurer at any

Annual General Meeting that should be convened.
Any cheques drawn against club funds should hold the signature of the founder & chairman.

 Annual General Meetings
The Founder/Chair will give notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Not less that 21
calendar days’ notice to be given to all the club members.
The AGM will receive a report from the principal officer of the club and a statement of the

Nominations for officers who wish to be appointed to any vacant roll  will be sent to the chair 

prior to the AGM, if possible.
Nominations on the day will also be accepted.
Elections of any new committee member are to take place at the AGM or by Chair.
All club members have the right to vote for either the treasurer or secretary roll at the AGM. 
The role of Founder & Chairman is deemed a granted lifetime position and cannot be challenged. 

The quorum for AGMs will be 25% of the senior members in the club.
The club founder/chairman has the right to call Extraordinary General Meeting (EGMs) outside the

Procedures for EGMs will be the same as for the AGM.
Voting will be by show of hands. In the case of a split vote, the Chair & club founder of the 

meeting shall have a casting vote 

In the event of dissolution of the club, any property belonging to the club shall be maintained by
the Chairman & founder until such time as a new committee is properly constituted. All outstanding
debts and liabilities at the time shall remain those of the Founder & Chairman.

Amendments to the constitution
The constitution will possibly only be changed through agreement by a majority vote at an AGM or

The Comet Triathlon Club founder/chairman & any Committee herby adopts and accepts this
constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of committee & members.


Coaches Code Of Conduct Charter  

Any coaches taken on by Comet Triathlon Club will by accepting the role of club coach strictly adhere to the principals laid down by Michael Holden (founder & principal) whether in the capacity of a paid or unpaid coach or club appointed volunteer. 

  • All future reference as to either founder or principal relates to Michael Holden.  
  • The coach agrees not to solicit  for their own benefit  in any shape or form either Junior or Senior members of  Comet Triathlon Club whilst acting in any capacity of a coach either paid, unpaid  or club appointed volunteer. 
  • In the unlikely event there could be occasion it must be consulted first with the principal for full agreement. 
  • The coach agrees not to bring the club into disrepute by any actions relating to fraternization with club members on any social media websites or programmes
  • Coaches agree to having compulsory Baring & Disclosure checking.