Comet Club Champs!

To spice things up a bit and have more interest in racing we're creating a Comet Club Championship competition.
                                      SOME OF THE RACES ARE NOW OPEN SO ENTER WITHOUT DELAY!        
Rules are: 1. You have to have a 2017 direct payment or be a 2017 paid up registered member.
                   2. To have a winner in each Category there must be three or more Comet competitors.
                   3. If there are five or more in each Category we'll have a first & second.
                   4. Three out of four of the nominated races. 
The nominated four races are:
Race 1. Thames Turbo Duathlon on 26th March at Kempton Park for those who don't like water. A London region race. Link here:
Race 2. Intotri Triathlon 18th June, at Ecel Leisure complex, Waterside Drive, Walton, for those who are true triathletes! Link here:
Race 3. Thames Turbo Aquathon 25th June at Hurst park swimming pool. A London region race.
Race 4. Intotri Aquathon 9th July  at Ecel Leisure complex, Waterside Drive, Walton. Link here:
Open to Tristart & upwards to Youth (we've got no Junior age cat members)
There will also be a handicap element to the series. This is so the newcomers and less experienced members have a reason to race.
All competitors who want to take part in the handicap will give an estimated time for each race (the three races they've nominated to enter) then totalled up. The athletes nearest their total estimated time irrespective of age category or distance wins! Pretty simple, all you've got to know is your child's form, the race distance and anticipated times and give us the times prior to start of race season or the given race.
We'll try to put a chart up on the website with those who enter the handicap and their standing.
We've chosen these races as their local, a mix of races and the two at Intotri only require registration. We may also have our own waves at Intotri so look out for updates!