Crystal Palace Triathlon entries open on Sunday 31st January

HERE'S THE INFO RECEIVED ON ONE OF THE BIG " MUST DO" RACES! You should enter within 10 minutes of opening or you won't get in!

Online entry for the 2016 race to open on Sunday 31 January. We know you are keen to get your entries in for this year’s Crystal Palace Triathlon on Sunday 15th May so here’s an update on what’s happening and when.
In fairness to everyone, we will not be sending an email to those on our mailing list when entries actually open, but a link to the online entry site will be available via our website at the times below. To make it easier for those who need to make multiple entries, we will be staggering opening times on
Sunday 31 January, but expect each category to fill up very quickly.

Ages as at 31 December 2016   Cost                                                Distances   
Tristart (8 years)                             £15    opens at    16:00   TriStart -     50m swim in 25m training pool / approx 800m cycle / approx 400m run*
Tristar 1 (9-10 years)                      £18    opens at    16:30   TriStar 1-  150m swim in 25m training pool / 4k cycle (2 x 2k laps)** / 1.2k run
Tristar 2 (11-12 years)                    £18    opens at     17:00  TriStar 2 -  200m swim in 50m pool / 6k cycle [3 x 2k laps)** / 1.6k run
Tristar 3 (13-14 years)                    £18    opens at     17:30  TriStar 3 -  300m swim in 50m pool / 8k cycle (4 x 2k laps) / 2.4k run
Youth (15-16 years)                        £25    opens at     18:00  Youths  -  350m swim in 50m pool 11k cycle (5 x2.2k laps of full sprint course) / 2.5k run  
Junior (17-19 London Series)         £25    opens at     18:30  Juniors (London series) - 350m swim in 50m pool / 11k cycle  (5 x2.2k laps of full sprint course) / 2.5k run  
Adults (17+)                                   £42     opens at     19:00   Adult sprint - 17+ - 750m swim in 50m pool / 20k cycle (9 x 2.2k laps) / 5k run
* New course for 2016 TBC
** The laps on the bike course are tough and involve climbing a short hill multiple times and descending at the other side of the park. Please ensure your child is confident and able to complete the course before entering them.
Estimated swim times.  When completing the online entry form, you will be asked for an estimated swim time. It's important
you are as accurate as possible as we set swimmers off according to their swim times.
For 750m, the fastest swimmers complete the distance in around 10 minutes, the average time is between 17-18 minutes and the slowest about 30 minutes. We don't mind how long you take but the race runs much more smoothly if everyone is swimming with others of a similar ability and for this
reason we will be unable to accommodate requests to change start times.
We will be unable to respond to emails on 31 January but if you have any queries please email us on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.   GO TO: