First Of The First And Three Firsts Of 2014!

First Of The First And Three Firsts Of 2014!               1-1-2014

Three “firsts” today! First thing first. First Bushy park 5k run of the year. Disappointing time 22.35 but hey ho, I’m was still in the top 21%.
Second “first”. First over 60 year old, just shows how few over 60’s are stupid enough to get out there. Importantly the third “first”. It was the first time Comet Triathlon Club have been registered on the radar in any race. Hopefully any of those who’ve registered with us who don’t have a first claim (running or otherwise) club will race for us!. It’s great to see many people I know who I wouldn’t normally cross paths with, out on a New Years Day’s resolve to kick off the year. Roll on Tadworth Ten (miler that is) on 5th January. Happy New Year one and all!

Last night's track/turbo report                                                                Thursday 12th Dec
Freezing fog!  At 5.45 pm we were there and ready to go, we just need a few takers. We doubled our numbers again
which considering the conditions was encouraging. Just a reminder to all who turn up:  YOU NEED MORE CLOTHING ON!  Under dressing is a cardinal athletes sin. You can always take it off, you can't put it on if you haven't got it!
What's brilliant about Walton track are the floodlights. They're real football floodlights and just cut through the fog so visibility across the track will never be a problem.

Whatch the Video below and you'll get a look into a way of life for me. Racing...... Triathlons, Marathons, Half Marathons, local races, hundreds of races all over the place....... for forty years it's just a way of life.