Training Rules, Regulations & Recommendations

Calling all Comet parents! Just a few minor things to make our sessions work better.
Whilst we work out the finer points of how to run the sessions best here's the altered format were working from as from 22nd Feb. Either:  Brick session
Turbo approx 40 min (coached) 10 minute continuous run (supervised but uncoached) 10 minute warm down/stretch - 0r - Track session only. 45 minute track 10 minute warm down/stretch.  
 Please could you prepare in advance to do either one or the other session.  

2. Please be aware we would like the track clear of all parents & supporters whilst the session is running also for health & safety reasons. Either view from behind the low fence or even better is the view from the seats in the stand.

3. Please make sure subs are paid prior to the session beginning. The cost is £TBC per person per session. 

4. Bikes should be set up suitably and ready for the rider to go when the session starts promptly at 6.30 p.m.. The coaches are there to coach and can't be distracted with maintenance, that is the athletes responsibility. 

5. Registration forms. Please make sure you have a registration form and we have a true note of any minor injuries or conditions noted   

6. Please make sure you let one of the Coaches know if you have any current minor injuries or conditions that would put you at risk from further injury or illness.  

7. And lastly please sign in automatically every week.

                              Comet Triathlon Club training rules and charter     

         Swim.                                              All members shall:

  • Observe and respect the pace and workout routines of other swimmers in their lane, avoiding actions that are likely to interfere with those routines, and maintaining good lane discipline;
  • Be aware of other pool users who may be in distress, or whose actions may cause risk to the member, and attract the attention of a Club coach or pool life guard in such circumstances;
  • Ensure adequate hydration during swim sessions by bringing a drinks bottle to the poolside;
  • Be aware that surfaces in the facilities are likely to be wet and slippery and therefore take care;
  • Only dive in those areas that are designated safe to dive in
  • Both male and female members and trialists to dress appropriately .

               Open water swim                            All members shall:

  • Wear a wetsuit and brightly coloured swim cap;
  • Use a buddy system and swim in pairs based upon speed and ability;
  • Swim parallel to the bank/shore unless adequate safety cover exists for areas beyond that;
  • Roll on to their back and raise their arm to attract the attention of the safety cover if experiencing any difficulty;
  • Sign in and out of the water in designated swimming lakes (such as Shepperton (Desborough) Lake).
  • Provide the session leader with their emergency contact details and information on any medical issues.

          Bike.  Parents responsibility for their child: On club group rides all Junior members shall:

  • Wear a correctly fitted and fastened cycling helmet.
  • Ensure that their bike is in good roadworthy condition.
  • Carry a spare inner tubes and a mini-pump on all Saturday Club rides.
  • Ensure adequate hydration and nourishment on rides by carrying drinks bottles and energy bars.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions.
  • Wear reflective clothing and have bike lights during any dark or overcast session.
  • Respect the rules of the public highways.
  • Slow down, give way or stop in the interests of courtesy, safety or obligation.
  • Avoid confrontation with other road users and pedestrians.
  • Act responsibly to promote the good image of cyclists.

         Keep to the left wherever possible;

  • Ride as the Coaches instruct, and always go single file on any busy roads;
  • Maintain an orderly riding pattern at all times;
  • Learn and use the club calls to warn other riders in the group of pot-holes, glass, parked cars and other hazards which may require the following riders to alter course;
  • The Club coaches will ensure the group stays together and slower riders are not dropped calls from the second coach will ensure this;
  •  The Club coaches will ensure the group stays together and can alert the lead coach in case they get dropped, run into difficulties, or do not wish to continue on the ride;

         Run                                               All members shall:
      At Track: Observe all track etiquette & rules. If you're not sure ask a coach
             Peel off to the right when finishing a repetition
             Call loudly "track" if there's anyone unaware of you approaching and the possibility of a collision, it does happen!
             Be punctual and ready to commence the session.
             Bring a drink and warm clothes to wrap up with for the cool down
             Wear a sports watch to record your own performance.

  • Wear some reflective clothing during evening and night sessions;
  • Carry extra warm/dry clothing in a back pack to put on following a session, when appropriate;
  • Respect the rules of the public highways, footpaths countryside at all times.