Junior Track Etiquette

Comet Triathlon Club Junior Code of Conduct and Club Etiquette.
For those new to running track or for those familiar with the etiquette but need a refresher here are a few requirements. Observe all track etiquette & rules for your safety and the enjoyment of others. Parents to read the clubs rules and explain to your child what’s to be expected.
Junior members must be checked in and have paid subs before session commencement. 
Arrive fifteen minutes before beginning of session when announcements are delivered.
All athletes must be appropriately dressed for the weather conditions.
Bring adequate clothing for warm up, warm downs and stretching.  Gloves, hat, extra layer of clothing if necessary. A.A.A. rules: No bare midriffs. When overtaking call "track" if there's anyone unaware of you approaching there’s the possibility of collision, it does happen! 

Overtake on the right of other runners, not on the inside, this is most important to avoid accidents & collisions between runners. Peel off to the right when finishing a repetition. Look behind before peeling off, faster runners may overtake and unaware you’re finishing a repetition. Stay with the group you have been allocated to.  Pay attention to what is going on around you and with your group. Listen to the coaches instructions carefully. Ask your coach to repeat if you’re not sure what has been said.
Make sure your trainers are laced securely.
Have a water bottle with you.
Ask one of the coaches first if you wish to use the toilet. Club Rule: One at a time!
Headsets & mobile phones not allowed when using the track.
Very important for improvement recording:                             Bring a watch!
Under no circumstance leave the site without a recognized parent or guardian.
No fooling around as it leads to accidents! Coaches are only responsible for children whilst they remain on the site.
Site exits are not secured and coaches cannot be responsible for children who leave the site.
All athletes/club members are required to adhere to the Comet Triathlon Club code of conduct guidelines. Any child behaving unacceptably will be given a verbal warning.  Any participant receiving more than two such warnings may be asked to sit out the session. Persistent bad may lead to a period of suspension.
Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to deliberately endangering others, damaging equipment or property, disrupting sessions or being unmanageable.
Please collect your child promptly at the end of session time.   All these guidelines are to uphold and retain the good reputation of Comet Triathlon Club                                                                            Please check session times on