Kingfisher Aquathon Race results 2015 & other results

Kingfisher Aquathon Race results 2015 & other results.

Well done to all the little Comets who took part on a cold and windy day in today's Aquathon!
Great result from Mack Downey who won his T2 age category outright holding off a strong field of 46 other junior athletes, top 1%! 
Also congratulations to Poppy Jensen who was11th overall in T2 and third girl. A very good result considering this was her first Aquathon ever! Poppy was in the top 25% of the overall field.
Bill Downey was 11th in his T3 cat, Lucy & Cloe Hoseason & George Turner all had good races. The thing with some of our juniors is they've only been swimming a few months and are handicapped by being so new to swimming. They've done remarkably well so I'm proud of them all. What I think they need is a race with a bike in it!
If you want to view today's results the link is here:
Also link to London region info:
Have a trawl round. There are also extra races that are not in London league but are good races to take part in. 
A couple of other results, in the adult race Bea (our coach & Mack's mum) came 2nd in her age category and 11th overall out of 48 females so in the top 24%, a good result! 
Sue Turner (George and Amelia's mum) went and ran the Manchester Marathon. Sue's target was to break 4 hours, which she did in a respectable time of 3.56.