London Region Latest

 The last of the Triathlons in London Region has taken place with lots of results decided even though there is still an Aquathon & a Duathlon still to race for. The current standing can be found here: 
We've managed another first this season with Freddie Lett winning the Tristar 1 boys. Other really good notable results were from Archie Austin, Ben Bisson, Spencer Bateman, there's too many to mention who've done well so have a look for yourselves. Little Darcie Bateman a first year T1 came 12th out of 67 competing. She was by far the smallest but completed all her races, I'm look forward to seeing her race next season. Also, Congrats to our Mack (former Comet) Downey for wrapping up 1st place in T3 as the winner of all his London Region races 
The results don't reflect what/how well some Comets did. Where they appear to be way down the list this is mainly because they didn't manage the criteria of races. Just to put themselves forward to do these races puts them in the 2% of children fit enough and have the nerve and desire to race, so very well done to all. We are lacking in Tristart, & Tristar 3 boys and girls racing, hopefully parents with children in these catorgories can address this next season. We are aware of the high cost of race entries, travel, equipment and so on, so hats off to all the parents who trollied their kids and bikes over to these races. 
We are a Triathlon Club who race London region so our ambition is to see more of you biking with us and racing Multisport. 
On another note we, the coaches, have said on many occasions the children are required to have watches as part of our method of coaching. This evenings session requires a watch as it's structured for four minute reps. 1.40 secs easy, 20secs hard, times two.  Without a watch they'll be unable to monitor when they change pace and can't rely on others so please could you take responsibility and see they have the relevant equipment (sports watches can be bought for as little as £8.00). A water bottle is also necessary this hot weather, Comet bottle purchases are there to support and promote the club. .
Just to fill you all in, we're still awaiting Excel to give us the start date to use the new track at "The Hub" in Walton, it's meant to be ready in early September, watch this space!