4-12-2015 More Bits & Bobs

More Bits & Bobs 

We'd encouraged members to purchase their own Turbo trainers for obvious reasons, not least that it saves me lugging them around!. You can purchase them from Black Dog Bikes. There on sale at the modest price of £45 They are basic turbos, no frills, small & light.

Club registration at Parkrun.  It's good to see "Comet Triathlon Club" on the club listings. It doesen't matter which Parkrun you do you'll get a result posted upon their website, usually by lunchtime. James Russell is trying to get as many Comets to run the weekly 2k at Moormead to be the top club with as many as possible running AND you don't have to travel far AND it's a free race. 

Don't forget, if you enter races and you're with us you should, to support us, go to the company who you paid entry to and adjust/put down what club you're with.                                                                                  Posted  18.45 p.m 15-3-2014  


Just a couple of gentle reminders to all Comets that anyone taking advantage of the direct payment membership scheme should have set it up by now. Those who opted for the existing  "pay as you go" system still need to register for 2015. Membership cards will be supplied then you can get the discount when joining Triathlon England. By belonging to a club when joining Triathlon England it usually attracts London Region race entry discount of a couple of pounds. Triathlon England includes bike insurance, by belonging to Triathlon England it's actually worth double. If you need a new registration form please ask Anita at the Tuesday or Wednesday sessions