Ordering Comet Tri-suits For Race Season

Awesome Trisuits, can be seen a mile off!Comet Club Kit

To order Club Trisuits for the race season here's the website  link details:     Once you get in click on "get started" or just scroll down to your club shop on the bottom right of the page. Click on and it'll ask you for the club login password which is: COMTRI1485 

Once in, scroll down to the junior trisuits at the bottom, select your childs size and there you go.  Here's the link to the size charting

They are meant to be reasonably tight fitting but not uncomfortable.    If you have a problem give me a call and I can do it for you if necessary. The beauty is you can order just one item and they produce it quicker because it's a one off. Don't just leave it too late because they take longer than expected to produce.