The Last Track Session At Stompond Lane 19-04-2017

After three and a half years at the track it's finally come to the end for Comets. The track at Stompond lane has finally been sold off to the developers so the last session is tomorrow evening 19th April. We then move to:
Ashley C of E Primary School, Ashley Road,
Surrey KT12 1HX  
Link below:  
We then have the use of the facilities of a marked out 350 meter grass running track for the duration of the summer months. It's a great temporary location for us with use of toilet and some/enough car parking. I'm going to do a recce on Thursday to see exactly where the entrance is. On Wednesday 26th April our banner will be flying at the school entrance to show the way in. 
You'll have to follow the cones to find the Harmony center by the field past the school playground, dead easy!
There's also car parking across the road from the school so shouldn't be a problem.
In September I'm hoping the new track at Xcel Center, Waterside drive, Walton will be made available to us when it's completed. Thanks from all the coaches for your continued support, it's much appreciated.