Hover over any of these links to find the finest places on Earth!  The business in open air swimming!   Best pool in the land!  More than just our meeting point for the Saturday Junior rides. If you want a change from linear multi-sport and Cricket appeals to you this is the best club around.     A local info website. Training, racing & life issues entwined with Comets                          

Walton Athletic Club  Our friends who have let us share the track  Don't forget all you Comets, while were building our numbers and sessions we can also be members of our hosts Walton Athletic Club.  For more track sessions and run racing with a winter cross country league there's lots to offer with a very reasonable membership fee and a great bunch of people.  

Bike Maintenance Man
Comets recommend Harry Webb
Harry Webb has been building and maintaining bikes to a high standard for many years from elite riders bikes to lesser athletes. He's the man to trust to do a good job on your machine!  To contact him Email or call him on the number below.  or M. 07946595698