Trinity Triathlon & The London League

Here's the results from Trinity Junior Triathlon last Sunday, plenty of really good performances and the full results are below  Here's the role call:

Daisy Parry 1st T1

Maisie Jensen 2nd T2

Darcy Bateman 2nd Tristart

Chloe Hoseason 3rd T1

George Turner 5th T1

Spencer Bateman 5th T2

Poppy Jensen 5th T3

Mack Downey 5th T3

Ben Bisson 7th T2

Poppy Parry 8th T2  

So we had two 2nd's, a 3rd, four 5th's, a 7th and an 8th, All our athletes did us proud and there was not one in the bottom half of any field. Not bad for a club only formed two and a half years ago with all novices.

Here's the link to the standings from the London region  for the whole of the region
It appears we have got a few on the podium places again this year. Daisy Parry T1, 1st place. Two seconds, Maisie Jensen T2 & Darcy Bateman, Tristart,  and Chloe Hoeseaso has moved into 3rd place in T1 This has all to be confirmed after the last race this coming weekend.
Many of our athletes were 4th & 5th best in the whole of London so a brilliant season all round.  Great commitment to coaching from your regular team of Ian Jonstone, Jenny Derham, Anthony Anderson, Sue Turner and Cameron Brown, not forgetting all the other parents who help us out . I think they are one of the best in depth squads in London with more youngsters coming through, a bright future for the club. 

We mustn't forget all the work put in by the race organisers and Jim Desmond, (London region race coordinator)  who gives up shedloads of his time voluntarily and does a brilliant job on collating all the results and standings for the region.